In the field Vol 1

In the field Vol 1
WAV 100% Royalty Free - 24Bit 44.1Khz - Named for easy search - 1.3 gb uncompressed - Samples list included

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Loops and One Shots

In the field Vol 1 is a comprehensive sample library of field recordings, found sounds and SFX. The sounds were captured from many locations around the world such as Mauritius, Greece, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

The sample library features many natural impact sounds that include smashes, crashes, drops, door bangs and creeks. The pack also includes sounds from nature such as bird song, oceans waves and long natural ambience recordings.
Some of the samples are over a minute long and have many sounds within them that can be cropped out.
You will also find animal samples, motors, traffic, household, water and a plethora of natural percussion sounds, which all can be used in music production, film and game audio.
There are 3 folders included in the pack. You get the raw recorded sounds that have only been levelled and faded, then you also get some produced SFX created from raw sounds and out-takes that were not included. As a bonus you also get 26 Sci FX.

There were a few different microphones used to capture the recordings in the library. Coil microphones are used to record interference from laptops, televisions, WIFI routers and any other electrical devices that gave off an interesting sound.
Hydrophone and contact mics were also used to collect water sounds and unusual scrapes on metal and wood.
There are over 1.3gb of samples included, all recorded at 24bit, 44.1khz. All the files are named, so there easy to search in your favourite DAW or sampler.

The pack was created by sound designer and producer Danny Modular and the demo track was produced by Atma.

Make sure you check out the demo track and samples, or download the free taster pack.


Over 1.3gb of samples
178 Raw Found Sound Samples
63 Produced Samples
26 Bonus Sci Fi SFX

The Raw samples contain
18 Ambience Samples
6 Animal Samples
6 Coil Mic Samples
5 Hydrophone Samples
24 Natural Impact Samples
2 Industrial Samples
5 Instrument Samples
11 Kitchen Samples
8 Motor Samples
8 Nature Samples
34 Object Samples
6 Ocean Samples
1 People Sample
20 Percussion Samples
2 Sports Samples
10 Transport Samples
9 Water Samples

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