FREE Raging Synth for Kontakt

FREE Raging Synth for Kontakt
Sampler Instrument 400mb - 24Bit - Kontakt 5.4.1 - Ableton 9 - Instrument

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FREE Sample Packs

Do you need that fat bass or lead sound in your productions? Check out the FREE Raging Synth from Sample Diggers. 400mb of samples from a modern classic bass synth, 10 presets, each sample 15 sec long, 3 velocity groups per note range.

Raging Synth Sample Diggers‚Äč

  1. Reverb and delay FX straight from the GUI
  2. Works with the FREE or activated versions of Kontakt 5.4.1 & above.
  3. Select presets in the GUI

The 10 original presets that we have created, can be selected from within the GUI for easy access, this is better than have to load .nki files, it means you can browse presets, whilst keeping your settings.

The synth we sampled for Raging Synth, was recorded through high end convertors and focusrite ISA preamps. All samples were edited in Pro Tools 11 and here are 3 samples for each note range.

It's a taster of things to come

Raging Synth is our first venture in to building instruments and sample libraries for Kontakt. In the future we will be offering a paid version of the Raging Synth with more presets and features. 

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