Vinyl Drums

Vinyl Drums
Ableton Pack 100 Samples - Ableton 9 Drum Rack - 24Bit

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FREE Sample Packs

Vinyl Drums by Sample Diggers is FREE a sample pack containing some of the fattest Funk/Hip Hop snares, kicks, ghost hits and closed high hats, all of which have that vinyl sound and the warmth of tape, that adds harmonics and character to your productions.

Also included is a Drum Rack for Ableton Live 9 using some of the samples.

There are a few clips and macros have been mapped to FX for the most need parameters.

  1. 100 raw samples
  2. Sampled at 24bit 44.1khz
  3. High grade conversion whilst recording
  4. Ableton 9 drum rack
  5. Samples compatible with any DAW or Sampler
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