We love Ableton Link

We love Ableton Link

Published on 03-Mar-2016.

Ableton recently released version 9.6 which included the new Link feature. We gave it a test run the other day in the studio, wow! this thing rocks. Link gives you the ability to sync multiple computers running Ableton and also allows you to sync iOS music apps that have Ableton Link enabled.

Our setup used a Mac Mini and a Macbook Pro that were both running Ableton 9.6. We also used an iPad 2 running the iOS app called Bassline and an iPhone 5S running Korg Gadget. 

The set up was simple, you just need to enable link in the midi settings tab of the Ableton prefs on the Macs or PC. Then on any iOS device, open your link enabled app and turn link on in the settings and you are ready to rock.

There are a couple of ways you can route the Audio. The best way is to route the audio outputs of each device to an external mixer, or another alternative is to route each devices output to a master device with an audio interface that has multiple inputs. To avoid latency set the audio interface buffer to at least 128.

We can't wait to use Link in a Live situation and it would be great if in the future Ableton incorporate this with new features like online collaboration "we live in hope".

Ableton Link Videos

Here is a great video overview from ADSR


Ableton Link - Ableton 9.6 - iOS Apps


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