Hourglass by Xenakios

Hourglass by Xenakios

Published on 12-Nov-2015.

For those of you that have not heard of Xenakios, he is a programmer and audio geek who I first heard of when I started using Reaper. Not only does he write some amazing scripts for the Reaper DAW, but he also codes standalone apps for Mac and PC.

I don't have much background to go on regarding his musical background, but I do know he is a regular on the Reaper forum and he also runs a blog https://xenakios.wordpress.com which is well worth checking out. There are plenty of apps and scripts to talk about and I will cover some in future posts, but today I would like to let you know about an app he has built called Hourglass.
Its basically an audio editor with the main focus toward Sound Design. It features a multi file audio manipulator that features complex modulation capabilities, it let the user create out of this world sound FX and complex modulation phrases. It also features granular type scrubber and looping engine that can be automated, fragmeted and twisted beyond recogniton of the original audio. Other features include a basic mixer with sends and VST support.
Hourglass also features snapshot gestures that let you take it a step further, plus it boasts standard audio editing features such as normalise, volume envelopes, varispeed and reverse.

This Editor is not in the same league as Audacity or Sound Forge, because to be honest they are completely different beasts. This is a tools for creating wild and crazy sounds, that can be used in the sample, post or game audio worlds.

Hourglass Xenakios

I must say everytime I load this up I have fun and the results are unpredictable, which I really like as it helps create leftfield ideas.
There are to many features to list them all, so why not head over to his blog and download it now, I'm sure you will like what you here.

Development is ongoing and I really can't wait to see where he goes with it, but even as it stands it has proved a great tool for the Sample Diggers team.


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