FREE mono bass synth for Kontakt 5

FREE mono bass synth for Kontakt 5

Published on 01-May-2015.

To kick off the launch of our brand new shiny site, we decided to give away a FREE mono bass synth powered by Kontakt 5. Raging Synth is a free version of a premium product we will be releasing in 2015. The premium version will have more presets and features, having said that, the free version is still a beast and packs a sonic punch.

Raging Synths name is a hint to what modern classic desktop bass synth we sampled. The presets are unique to Sample Digger, crafted by our in-house sound designers.

  • 400mb of samples from a modern classic bass synth
  • 10 presets, each sample 15 sec long, 3 velocity groups per note range.
  • Reverb and delay FX straight from the GUI
  • Works with the FREE or activated versions of Kontakt 5 +

Anyway enough of the waffle, go grab it now HERE


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